Use PASMO with Apple Pay

PASMO is an IC card that can be used on transportation in Japan.
Adding it to your iPhone or Apple Watch Wallet app makes using PASMO easier,
more convenient, and smarter.

  • Cashless fare payment

  • No waiting for change

  • Use it for shopping

This symbol indicates a transportation IC card that can be used across the entire country.

PASMO can be used
all across Japan
on trains and buses.

Kanto PASMO and Suica Area Network Map

Supported models

iPhone 8 and later running iOS14.0 or Apple Watch Series 3 and later (Face ID, Touch ID or models that use a passcode) running watchOS7.0

What you'll need (for setup)
  • A credit, debit, or prepaid card* added to the Wallet app
  • iOS14.0 and later, watchOS7.0 and later
  • An internet connection
  • Apple ID (Signed in to Apple Cloud)
  • Device region set to Japan (Settings > General > Language & Region)

* Apple Pay supported cards are available, but some cards may not be recognized.

What you'll need (for use)
  • iOS14.0 and later, watchOS7.0 and later
  • Internet connection (for topping up and purchasing a commuter pass)
    Note that an internet connection is not required to use PASMO.

How to create a new PASMO in the Wallet app

Setup (iPhone)

  1. Open the Wallet app and tap "+" button.

  2. Tap "Transit Card" on the "Add to Wallet" page.

  3. Tap "PASMO" on the "Transit Card" page.

  4. Select an amount to add to the transit IC card, then tap "Add."

  5. Agree to the membership terms and conditions and follow the on-screen instructions to approve the payment for the selected amount and create a new PASMO.

Setup (Apple Watch)

  1. On your iPhone open the Watch App, select the tab that shows your watch, then tap "Wallet&Apple Pay."

  2. Tap "Add Card", follow the instructions, and tap "Continue."

  3. Tap "Transit Card" on the "Add to Wallet" page.

  4. Tap "PASMO" on the "Transit Card" page.

  5. Select an amount to add.

  6. Follow the on-screen instructions to create a new transit IC card on your Apple Watch.

  7. Once the transit IC card is created, it is automatically transferred to your Apple Watch and ready to use.

How to use PASMO on Apple Pay

Trains and buses

You can pay for fares on most trains, subway lines, and buses by touching PASMO to the automatic ticket gate reader.
Simply select "Express Transit Card" before taking the train or bus to pass through automatic ticket gates without Face ID/Touch ID (Can also be used without Face ID/Touch ID at some shops).

Express Transit Card setup

In the Wallet app settings, select PASMO as Apple Pay Express Transit Card.


You can use SF (Stored Fare) on your PASMO to shop at stores that display the PASMO logo. Enjoy shopping with PASMO at many different locations, including convenience stores, restaurants, and shopping malls.

Top up PASMO in the Wallet app

You can use a credit card in Wallet to top up your PASMO (Not available between 2:00 to 4:00 A.M.). You can add up to 20,000 yen of SF value.

Setup (iPhone)

  1. Open the Wallet app and tap the PASMO you want to top up.

  2. Tap "Add Money."

  3. After entering the amount, tap "Add."
    Select the payment card and use Face ID or place your finger on Touch ID to complete the transaction and top up your card.

Setup (Apple Watch)

  1. Open the Wallet app and tap "PASMO."

  2. Tap "Add Money."

  3. Use "+" or "-" to enter the Top Up amount and follow the on-screen instructions.

  4. Top Up is complete.